Who we are and what we stand for?

Fleet Sales Department

Fleet Management Department

What do we do? We find solutions for your automobile park.

Porsche Leasing offers a unique "fleet management" service for each of our partners. The main thing for us is the quality and effectiveness of the offered solutions.

We are not afraid to leave the path that is well known to everyone in order to search our new opportunities. We do not simply aim to meet the demands of our partners, but we also try to surprise you!

How do we do this? We put maximum efforts in solving our partners' problems.

  • We work as a team upon every request.

  • We are 100% motivated to continuously improve all processes and improve our quality.

  • We are friendly, honest and fair with our partners and consider your problems as our own. Thus, we make every effort to resolve them.

Practically, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A phone number accessible everywhere in Ukraine for any question or reason
  • A team of professionals
  • Support for the best talent Flexibility in different situations
  • Creative and innovative solutions to meet your fleet's needs