Additional Services

Fuel service

A fuel service based on a non-cash payment system. You pay for all fuel in a single account, regardless of the number of vehicles in your fleet and you have the ability to refuel any vehicle at more than 1,100 gas stations located across Ukraine. Apart from the opportunity to obtain fuel, most fuel filling stations also provide car wash and tyre repair services, all linked to the same card.

You can set a monthly limit, enabling you to monitor above-budget spending for each card account.

Each card has its own PIN code, which guarantees the security of your funds.

The Porsche Finance Group works with the largest network in Ukraine, "Gold Cheetah", which includes the gas stations of such brands as Golden Cheetah, TNK, Lukoil, OKKO, WOG, in addition to others.

You will receive a detailed monthly report on the services provided according to each of the cards, including information on the specific location, the time and cost of each service transaction.


Tyre Management

This service may include:

  • A seasonal change of tyres (twice a year);
  • Inter-seasonal tyre storage (the monthly inter-seasonal storage of one set of tyres);
  • The usage of a definable (limited) or required (unlimited) number of tyres on the car Additionally, you can choose the price range of the tyres included in the package:

Replacement car

A replacement car, ensuring your mobility in any environment. This service is provided primarily by our dealer outlets, where are having your own vehicle serviced (repaired).

Pick up and delivery service

is a service for supplying an automobile while services are being provided and arranging its delivery back to the parking lot for:

  • Seasonal change of tyres

  • Maintenance and repairs

First of all, this allows you to save time due to the fact that you would otherwise not only need to arrange transportation to the dealer outlet, but also wait until the dealership's employees finish performing the necessary work on the vehicle.