Operating Lease

Operational leasing is a type of leasing that primarily means the use rather than the ownership, i.e. long-term automobile rental.

Limitation of risks

You pay only for the use of the vehicle. The Porsche Finance Group will take care of selling the case following the end of the leasing agreement. We also take care of all the risks associated with the vehicle's market value.

Financial Leasing

We develop customised solutions that best fit your needs and allow you to remain financially mobile (the term of agreements, mileage, etc.).

Leasing, as opposed to taking credit, enables you to leave a free line of credit, without any hassle, on your company's balance sheet.

After the expiration of the financial leasing agreement, you have the opportunity to purchase your vehicle and become its owner.


Credit is the most common form of financing, which allows you the opportunity to immediately become an automobile owner, besides having the possibly for the early repayment of the loan.

You can take a loan for the purchase of either a new car or one that was in use.