The advantages of financial leasing for legal entities:

  • 100% of the commission (a % of the capital and the insurance) can be claimed as gross expenditures
  • The vehicle is placed on the balance sheet of the lease holder and amortization is accrued on it, thereby reducing the amount of corporate profit tax owed
  • 100% of the VAT on cost of the automobile can be claimed as a tax credit
  • Reduced expenses at the beginning of the financing period
  • Payments made to the Pension Fund of Ukraine are carried out by the leasing company, and then this amount is allocated in equal instalments for the duration of the financing period
  • Comprehensive motor hull insurance. The amount thereof is allocated in equal instalments during the year without any accrual of interest
  • The vehicle can not be subject to a tax lien (property seizure)
  • The lack of regional dependence on the place where the company is incorporated
  • A complementary compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance policy comes as a gift